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Laugh more

25.02.2014 | Posted by: Hagara-Nagy Nóra

Until the end of the 19th century it was impolite for a woman to laugh loudly in a company as it was considered shameless. Since then we have been smiling on this, furthermore laughter has its own serious marketing, as we can always hear about the positive effects of it.

Propagating laughter or chortle is especially important in times when people don’t have too much reason to be happy and laugh about. But please notice, that nothing is as infectious as the joyful laughter, which can do wonders!

When laughing, muscles in our face are activated, warming up, thus accelerating metabolism which is one of the basis of healthy life. Bursting into a cheerful laughter will affect breathing, lungs, throat and all the internal organs, as all parts of our body will get excited and starts vibrating. In the case of woman a luscious laughter can even intensify to the level of sexual enjoyment, as dopamine will be released which causes a feeling of happiness and satisfaction similar to the state caused by cocaine. Perhaps this is the reason why woman like happy man with a good sense of humour, who can help them overcome sad moments and make them laugh. According to another explanation a man with a good sense of humour shows self-respect and self-confidence, and that he can care about and can keep his family in security, health and wellness.

Due to laughter immunoglobulin A (antibody) levels in the saliva will rise, which protects from bacteria and viruses, so the chances will be lower to catch a cold, flu, sore throat etc. According to the study conducted at the Loma Linda University in California, during laughter such cells are developed which have role in the killing of cancer cells. People with diabetes can also benefited from the positive effects of laughter, as it was observed that during a good laughter blood sugar levels are decreased. A long laughter, which lasts more than a few moments reduces blood pressure. This was verified by an experiment conducted at the University of Graz with patients with stroke. One group took laughter yoga classes for four weeks, and it was revealed that their blood pressure was persistently decreased, in contrast to those who didn’t laugh that much. Furthermore there are many studies of laughter, and researchers report a very wide range of positive effects. It can do wonders to chronic pains like rheumatism or muscle pain, because during laughter endorphin is released in the brain, which has pain killing effect. This, however can’t be used for acute pains like toothache.

Permanent negative stress is harmful, as adrenaline is released, which increases hearth rate, blood vessels are stained and blood pressure is not balanced either. It is common when someone is experiencing problems at home or at work, if it is not solved, than it can lead to serious health effects. Laughter helps to release the strain caused by adrenaline.

It should be noticed that only the intensive, repeated laughter is useful, so experts on laughter advices to directly look for those situations where we can almost get a fit of laughter, or go to hasya yoga (laughter yoga), which is a group activity especially based on laughter.

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